International Business: Doing business in another country

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1.0 Introduction

This report will investigate the viability of "Aussie Boardies" expanding its business overseas. The potential country chosen is India. This country will be analysed with its business protocol, communication and cultural differences. The report will also investigate the strengths and weaknesses of setting up business in India and make comparisons to Australian business ethics. An informed recommendation will be made based upon evidence within the report in relation to establishing an overseas branch.

2.0 General Facts

2.1 Climate

India's climate and weather are varied depending on the relevant region; the three main regions are the Northern Plains, Central India and the Southern region. The Northern Plains have cities like New Delhi that experience extreme ranges of temperature and are very prone to monsoons during the monsoon season (June to September). Central India consists of hot and dry weather but temperature drops at night. It is the most monsoon prone in all of India during the monsoon season.

The southern region of India has generally high humidity throughout the year and relatively low rainfall. The southern region of India's climate is the most similar to the Gold Coast as they are both tropical and generally high temperatures throughout the year (see Appendix 2).

2.2 Geographic Location

India occupies most of the Indian subcontinent in Southern Asia. Its western border consists of only Pakistan and the eastern border is Bangladesh (see Appendix 1). The town of Chennai located on India's south eastern coast would be the optimal place to set up "Aussie Boardies". Chennai's beaches are similar to the Gold Coast, and are the main tourist attraction. Thus, the demand for swimwear would be higher in that area. Therefore, this will be the optimal area in India to set up a branch of "Aussie Boardies". The distance from Australia to...