International conference on Acid Percipitation

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Bitumina worked very well with the other countries; we listened and negotiated but still held our ground. Through out the conference it sounded as if not too much change was occuring, however once ideas were thrown on the floor something started comming together. It was not until the last moment of the conference did we come to a conclusion that every one was content with. Our country obviously was the worst off in more ways than one so, at times when things started to look up our country put a downer on the idea in which we had to work around but handeled nicely.

The Gargantuans wanted to initiate the "Ecological Education Exchange" program which ment exchanging people(students) to other countries to not only educate them in being ecologically safe but to also learn about specific other countries issues (specifically the affects of coal pollution and acid rain). The Vistanians agreed to fund construction of alternative energy sources in Bitumina in exchange for our cutting back on coal usage by 20% then went on to offer to fund the installation of scrubbers on Bituminan industry.

There was a long debate between the countries as to what real nessity of the whole exchange program was and after much negotiation it was decided that it would most likely be worth it. The next part of the treaty required our comprimise but we didn't want to lessen our coal usage in fear of it indagering what poor little economy we had. We came to a conclusion which included us lessening our coal usage by 15%, but we needed the Gargantuains to provide us with extra energy that we would be loosing by using their coastline wind power, and lastly we requested that our coal cut-backs came out of the energy production exclusively. For the last part of the treaty we included the Vistanian-funded scrubbers Bituminan industry.

I feel that although I represented my country well I think I could have been more hands on with the actual debating of the treaty. Hopefully the plan we created will work not to mention give student to travel abroad setting examples for economical exchanges in other countries as well.