International Dolphin Trade. Dolphin trade from the Solomon Islands and Information on bottlenose dolphins

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Among the Earth's most interesting creatures, we can highlight the most beautiful mammals of the ocean, the dolphins. These magnificent creatures roam the warm oceans of the world in search of food and fun. They are recognized for their intelligence worldwide and it is because of this that they are in high demand all around the world. Many organizations require these dolphins for studies and behavioral experiments, but in other parts of the world, dolphins are put for display far away from their natural habitat. This may lead to building stress within the animal and causing death. This is a reality that dolphins face anywhere around the world, and it our responsibility to stop this from happening. Maybe, then dolphins will have a chance to coexist peacefully with us,

Florida Bottlenose dolphins average a length of 2.5 to 2.7 meters and weight between 190 and 260 kg. They a have a sleek and streamlined body to help them swim and travel easily throughout their habitat.

They have six main outer body parts: the dorsal fin, the tail fluke, the pectoral flipper, the blowhole, the eye and the rostrum. The dorsal fin, as well as the tail fluke, help the mammal swim steadily and at a fast pace will maintaining body balance in the water. The pectoral flippers provide the force to move forward, and the impulse to swim or jump out of the ocean. The blowhole provides the dolphin with the air required to live, and finally the rostrum is its feeding hole.

Their body tone is color gray to gray-green or gray-brown. They tend to become white towards the bottom of their body, for example their lower jaw or their bellies. Their bottom may also have a slightly pinkish color. There are, of course, different types of Bottlenose dolphins...