International Export and Marketing Risk Assessment for the Czech Republic

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Aim and Scope of StudyThe purpose of this pre-entry risk assessment is to ascertain the viability of The Czech Republic as a target for international trade with the company 'Touchiefeelie', a recently formed furniture and artwork producer who has seen recent business growth with it's turnover within the domestic market having trebled since the launch of it's website in 2002. The assessment will consider relevant implications when trading within the Czech Republic, including statistics covering: geography, demographics, culture/religion, political status, infrastructure, economics, market segments and Media. It will conclude whether or not touchiefellie has the capacity and suitable business strategy to enter into international trade within this country.

Geographical statistics of the Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic is located approximately in the centre of the European Continent. Its neighboring states are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The country is landlocked and located astride some of oldest and significant land routes in Europe.

The Czech Republic is a midsize European country& it's size is comparable to Austria or Ireland. https://www.cia.govLand Area: 78 864 km²Major Cities of the Czech Republic by populationThe population of the Czech Republic is 10,235,455 (July 2006 est.)The population of the main cities are detailed below.

https://www.cia.govPraha (Prague) Capital1,165,581Brno369,559Ortova313,088Plzeň164,180Olomouc101,268Liberec97,770České Budĕjovice95,245Hradec Králové95,195Ústí nad Labem94,105Pardubice88,741Havířov84,914http://www.citypopulation.deLanguage, religion, other cultural and social aspectsLanguagesBoth Czech and Slovak are spoken, although Czech is the official language.

ReligionAtheist - 39.8%; Roman Catholic - 39.2%; Protestant - 4.6%; Orthodox - 3.0%; other - 13.4%.

Ethnic GroupsCzech 81.2%, Moravian 13.2%, Slovak 3.1%, Polish 0.6%, German 0.5%, Silesian 0.4%, Roma 0.3%, Hungarian 0.2%, other 0.5% http://www.intercultures.caThe countries population is homogenous, Christianity being the dominant religion. As a result of Communist rule between 1948 and 1989, the majority of citizens do not identify themselves with organised religion.

The most visible proof of Czech cultural maturity are the works of...