International Involvement in Afghanistan

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Syed Jawaid

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February 4, 2010

International Involvement in Afghanistan

Intervention is the act of occupying or taking over another territory with the means of violence or military force. Having read about the Dutch liberals and how they maneuver their ideologies, they would allow the continuation of involvement of intervention in Afghanistan today. They would not want to withdraw because they have based their history from intervention and war battles. However, both Burke and Constant would refrain from the idea of being associated with warfare and call all of our troops back to the United States. They do not favor intervention because they believe is not constitutionally moral. Burke and Constant would be in favor of withdrawal from Afghanistan which is the stronger decision to make.

Many individuals may raise questions on why we are still fighting the war in Afghanistan or even worry about what is going on there.

We may differ in opinions and may feel that the United States needs to take care of itself before we can help out other countries. Since the tragic day on September 11th 2001, our hearts still go out to family and friends who lost loved ones in the devastating attack in New York City. This was almost nine years ago, but our reason to invade Afghanistan was legitimate because we were looking for Osama Bin Laden. The United States tried to cooperate with the Taliban, a so-called Muslim extremist group with intentions of hurting others but they did not comply. Our ultimatum was then to invade Afghanistan and stay there until our search for Osama Bin Laden was complete. We have been searching on a constant basis but still have not found a single clue to where he may be hiding.