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A brand will be focused on to create an international marketing plan. The wine brand that will be looked at is Cakebread Cellars. Cakebread Cellars are a Californian wine producer. They sell some of the finest wines only for within the US market. Over the next 3 years they are determined that an opportunity exists to increase sales of California wine into one of the classic wine producing countries in the world: Italy. To ensure that the necessary investments made in Italy are successful, a detailed strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat analysis (SWOT) will have to be made, resulting in the best possible strategies for the traditional marketing mix features of price, product, place and promotion.

SWOT Analysis:Strengths:• Cakebread is a well known premium brand within the USA; they are known to have grown their image as selling some of the finest Californian wines.

• It has the capacity to expand across the globe, mainly into the Italian and other European markets.

• Established for over 37 years, experience and nurturing is essential for making fine wines.

• Due to its specialism in wine - it achieves high selling volumes from stores and supermarkets across the USA.

• California is one of the world largest wine growing regions, which is recognisable all over the world.

• Committed workforce, family business that is being sent down through generations, to carry on developing the brand.

Weaknesses:• Cakebread is a premium brand commanding premium prices. As competitive pressures increase, the company could be undercut by lower price rivals.

• Cakebread may only appeal in the USA the home of California wines, if expanded to Italy and Europe they may not appeal to consumers as an alternative wine due to high popularity of Classic wine European wines.

• Over-dependency on wine products.