International Marketing Plan and Objectives

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Pure-n-Clean Water Filtration: International Marketing Plan and ObjectivesPure-n-Clean is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of water filters for under-developed and third-world countries. The company is currently seeking to expand business to Mexico based on the growing tourist areas throughout the country. The filters will allow local water sources to be used for drinking water for locals and tourists. The first step in any international venture is gathering information on the intended country. The marketing team at Pure-n-Clean has gathered necessary information and developed a mission statement for the venture. The team has also developed objectives for the international marketing plan.

Mission StatementThe goal of Pure-n-Clean's entrance into Mexico is to support the company's mission which considers medical knowledge that society's most important source of life is water. The mission statement for this venture is: Pure-n-Clean - Providing safe, healthy water for people everywhere. Water in under-developed and third-world countries all over the world can be contaminated.

These contaminants include lead, copper, mercury, and parasites that have long-term medical effects. Pure-n-Clean seeks to provide a product for people throughout Mexico that will dramatically improve the quality of life by providing a way to have healthier drinking water and less reliance on bottled water for locals and tourist populations.

ObjectivesCreating Presence. Pure-n-Clean's focus in 2009 is to expand its market share into Mexico by introducing a water filtration system. Pure-n-Clean must create a strong presence quickly in order to enter this market successfully. Pure-n-Clean's market development plan will include a market saturation of at least 1% in the first year. This goal will be achieved through various marketing efforts, including radio, magazine, billboard, and television advertisements.

Quarterly reviews will determine if Pure-n-Clean's market development plan is successful. These reviews will include random telephone surveys to tourist resorts, local contests,