International Marketing Plan: King International Pty Ltd Market Entry into Malaysia

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to critically analyse an export strategy for an Australian company to Malaysia.

King International, an Australian soy product producer, was chosen for this task, because of Malaysia's increasing demand for westernized but healthy products.

The report starts with a short company overview and describes the products which will be exported to Malaysia. An extensive country profile of Malaysia introduces the external environment and gives an overview of the foreign market.

After the competitors have been identified and the environmental analysis is completed the report shows the marketing strategy and the entry mode which King International could use if entering Malaysia. A possible marketing mix completes this research.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction1

2. Overview of Firm and Product2

3. Country Study- Malaysia3

3.1 Malaysia's environment3

3.2 Political/legal forces7

3.3 Economic and financial environment9

3.4 Competitive environment12

4. Marketing Strategy15

4.1 Market Based Planning15

4.2 Competitive Advantage16

4.3 Positioning strategies16

5. Market Entry Strategy18

6 Marketing Mix20

6.1 Product20

6.2 Pricing strategies20

6.3 Promotion22

6.4 Distribution23

7. Conclusion26


Appendix A- Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions29

Appendix B -Summary of Cultural Differences31

Appendix C -SWOT - Analysis32

Appendix D - Contextual Factors explained35

1. Introduction

The purpose of this report is to outline the strategies necessary for King International to successfully export Kingland Soy Cheese to the Malaysian market. To achieve this a thorough analysis of the Malaysian business environment was conducted, identifying the key variables that need to taken into account when modifying the product to suit the Malaysian market. This involved researching the external environmental factors, as well as the Malaysian culture and the specific needs and wants of the target consumers. This provided the foundation for the strategic marketing plan and objectives. This involved creating a marketing mix and market entry strategies...