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University of PhoenixMKT 450/International MarketingJune 29, 2009.IntroductionEnergy conservation is a hot topic in today's top headlines, and it becomes even more interesting as consumers begin to understand that energy independence translates into long-term cost savings. Wholesale Solar is a company that has introduced this concept in the United States (U.S.) and has been very successful in their mission to save the planet through energy independence. The company was created by Mark Coleman in 1992 in an effort to jump on the "going green" bandwagon by marketing new, innovative, and environmentally friendly forms of energy (Wholesale Solar, 2009). The company initially began as a home-based construction business in Taos, New Mexico (Wholesale Solar, 2009). The business quickly outgrew its home office and was relocated to Mt. Shasta, California where its 5000 square feet of office space allowed for the newly hired friendly crew of sales and support employees to come aboard and manufacture/distribute products (Wholesale Solar, 2009).

Wholesale Solar is dedicated to supporting the environment by focusing on energy independence, and its customers are provided personal service when choosing eco friendly equipment to suit their individual needs (Wholesale Solar, 2009). The company also provides before and after the sale technical support and drawings to assist its customers with their goals of conservation, recycling, and use of alternative energy sources (Wholesale Solar, 2009).

As part of Wholesale Solar's initiative to create a more eco friendly environment, the company has decided to embark upon a new mission: to launch their solar panel product at a global level. To begin this new and exciting adventure, the company plans to focus on the German market initially, in hopes of gaining market share in a highly practical environment. A key strength for Wholesale Solar as they begin to market solar panels in Germany is that...