International Trade Debate Part I

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Although international trade is vital for economic growth, I am strongly against unrestricted international trade. In this essay, I will present three specific reasons why unrestricted international trade could pose more harm than good to an economy.

Trade allows producers of goods to gain access to larger international markets. Unrestricted trade, however; can present dangers to the global economy, the well-being of people, and to underdeveloped countries. Recently, for example, there have been numerous recalls of toys from China. Many children became ill due to being exposed to harmful paints and other chemicals on toys that were imported from China.

In order to protect countries from goods that can be potentially hazardous to their health, it is vital that tighter regulations are made and enforced. Each year, there are countless recalls from imported and domestically produce goods. Most recently, there were recalls on baby bottles that contained numerous toxins and infant formulas that made children sick.

From infant products to medicines (such as Heparin), we leave ourselves open and are placing our lives in the hands of importers. The "miss-haps" from China clearly demonstrate that the current system presents much vulnerability to society, and that we must act quickly in order for civilization to continue to thrive.

Although many might argue that unrestricted international trade benefits developing countries, this is not always accurate. In fact, poor countries suffer more in the long run. Many counties lack natural resources such as oil. Trading is only beneficial when both parties can benefit. Undeveloped countries do not have the ability to produce enough goods for a successful or beneficial trade.

The continual allowance of unrestricted international trade is dangerous and reckless. By allowing international trade without any restriction, we are unknowingly jeopardizing the lives, safety, and well-being of people worldwide. Undeveloped...