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The article I have chosen to summarize highlights the introduction to new technologies that affect the competitive environment of an organization. After summarizing the article I will apply concepts of the article to my class assigned readings, and to my organization.

The main point of the article emphasizes that innovation by one firm excites innovation in others, creating a continuous cycle. Therefore, exposure to competition drives organizational learning and a formulation for a new strategic action plan. For example, the expansion of superstores such as Barnes & Noble and Borders, Inc., has a direct impact on the local booksellers in the community. Furthermore, new technology has impacted competition, which is developing even more challenging goals for organizations. As technology within the superstores increases continuous patterns develop. As a result,, the Internet-based company has achieved greater market value than the two bookstores combined. The article further suggests that change is inevitable and marginal improvements in operating performance will simply not work to ensure long-term survival.

Yet, if carefully planned and executed, such efforts can produce dramatic results. Another key point indicated in this article is that a clear examination to identify significant ways to alter the way business are conducted will make it more efficient, profitable, and able to provide customer satisfaction. According to Grove, "Every organization needs to balance new effort against current commitments" (page 3). This type of analysis is precisely what implementing change and competition is about.

The article described reflects competition and change, yet in order to successfully meet the new goals for an organization the initiation of the planning process must begin. First, successful change must involve top management who initially instigate the change by being visionary, persuasive, and consistent. Next, a change agent will be responsible to translate the vision to a realistic...