Internet Censorship

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As we move into the 22nd Century we discover we are faced with many questions, which we never could have imagined once. During the past few years the speed of life has increased dramatically and since the advent of the Internet some 20 years ago, questions like "˜Should the Internet be censored? What should be censored? And, How could it be censored?' have been increasingly asked and debated. More recently, the issue of whether it is necessary to have censorship on the Internet is now such a controversial subject, it is being argued about all over the world. There are numerous homepages on the World Wide Web discussing this issue, or requesting signatures for petitions against government censorship.

Firstly, we need to understand what the meaning of "Censoring the Net" actually is. Simply stated, it is the banning of offensive material.

Originally, the Internet was a place for people to freely express their ideas worldwide.

It is obvious that the Internet is playing a very crucial role in many peoples lives, including Artists and Designers, as it has undoubtedly become one of the most widely used means of media in the world today. The multipurpose network has many different functions useful for everyday work and entertainment. It provides ordinary people with everything from getting directions from one place to another, to downloading entire books that can be read on the computer without ever having to visit a bookstore or library. Others use the net for many things, including communication, expressing their opinions in newsgroups, obtaining up-to-date information, acquiring files by using FTP, etc. Most Internet users are enjoying their freedom of speech on the Net.

I believe that if the Internet were censored, it is blatantly obvious what should be censored. Although I agree that there are many valid reasons...