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INTERNET CENSORSHIP I think easy internet access to young children should be restricted because of pornography. But other people feel the opposite way, thats why there is " At issue the to struck between free speech and the ability of families, schools, or other organisations to protect children against the receipt of material that is unwanted, illegaly or both" ("It's time to tackle").It should be restricted because it can cause a lot of damage to young children for three major reason, the first onee is the easy access to pornography, secondly the children can be influenced by people in chatrooms, and finally the children can become mentally perturbated by pornographic images.

Children have easy access to pornography, because many sites that contain pornography are not censored and almost anyone can have access to those places. A good example is the libraries that have access to the internet. When the children are using these kind of libraries they are exposed to pornography, because they don't just find important information but they wonder on the internet and can find sexualy explicit material.

I think public libraries that offer internet access, should have a program to filter the access to pornographic sites and other harmful sites for children. I think these public libraries should approve these filtering software, that a lot of parents are asking for. Because the libraries are funded with taxpayers dollars. As Barry S. Fagin said " If socially conservative parents support the library with their taxes, why can't the library support their effort as parent" (" Filtering Kid's Access").

My second reason why I think that easy Internet access to children should be restricted is that they can be influence by chatrooms. For example perverts can talk to children true the chatrooms and convince the children they are other...