Internet Concern on Public Policy Issue

Essay by 264649 July 2004

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Privacy and Legal issues, it is very difficult to control and regulate because the Internet does not involve only one country or one single state but it involve to all the countries in the world. Then it is fall in to the international law and policy issue. And different country has different law. Some might very strict to one issue but some might not at all. This is not only the problem to the WWW but it has been the problem for a long time. For example, if one company is running the business and has the server in Virgin Island, out of states, the United States' laws and regulations cannot control the company even though some customers might come from United States.

The World Wide Web Consortium,, this organization is trying to standardize and guideline privacy for the Internet. It has a platform for Privacy Preferences Project, P3P.

It will allow the Internet users to gain more control over the use of personal information on Web sites they visit. But it is just only the guideline; Web site does not need to follow.

There are some kinds of Ethic and Moral suggestions in Business. But how many people do care about the Moral. Many of them do care the same kind of "M", MONEY!

The following are the some of privacy, social, and issues:


One of the most contentious issues to surface on the Internet in the last few years has to do with what Internet users call Spam. Spam is unsolicited junk email that commercial companies send out, asking you to buy their goods and services. It seems to be a minor annoyance but it can cause the major problems. It can lead the delay and lost of emails. It wastes of time for the...