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"'Queer' is a rather broad term, used to describe anyone who challenges heteronormality. Heteronormality refers to the social structures which encourage (some would say 'force') people to identify as being straight, and discourage them from having an alternative sexual orientation or gender identity.

"Although 'queer' is often used as a synonym for GLBT (gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender), they aren't the same thing. For example, it is possible to be gay but not queer (for example, gay people who would prefer to be straight, or remain invisible), and it is possible to be queer but not gay (there are many straight people who have done their bit to actively challenge heteronormality)."

Keywords and Observations: Queer, Celebrity. Website aimed at audience to inform the iconic 'gueer' or 'homosexual' celebrities in the industry. The site's purpose is "list of some celebrities that I think deserve recognition as queer". So I saw as a very opinionated site rather then being factual.


"Our society looks at things from a heterosexual perspective. This is what's often being referred to as our society's heteronormality."

"Homosexuality is still looked upon as something negative, something abnormal or at least bizarre, odd. This discrimination exists! Lesbians and gays who come out of the closet are being held back by employers, by parents, housemates, by neighbors, colleagues, educators, by the forces of the law."

Keywords and Observations: Discrimination, culture, and gay marriage. This site is a periodical discussing the idea of discrimination against homosexuals in our society today.


"The purpose of this article is to disseminate the construction of manliness and womanliness in Swedish sport. Of particular interest is gender equity policy in sport as a new way of creating sexual/gender difference."

Keywords and Observations: sport, sex, gender, subjectivity, discourse, history of the present, equal opportunities, and heteronormality. This...