The Internet, Cyberspace:The world's playground

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'It sounds weird. But the weird will soon be commonplace' (Levy). The information revolution is here. There is a world of information at everybody's finger tips. There is a lot of good that can come from the Internet. The future is not set in stone and had no straight course. The idea that information is to be free and by it's nature needs to be free, is the driving force behind the Internet. This is seen by many people as a good thing, and some do not like it because everyone can access it and it has not international bounderies.

'Cyberspace' is a term coined by science fiction writer William Gibson that refers to the ethereal world created by computer telecommunications. Cyberspace is the latest and most influential medium to enter our lives since television. It has raised many of the same questions that T.V. raised, but it has also raised some very new questions.

A world without rulers or authority. A place where you are 100% free to do or say what you please. This has never been seen before. Some people love it. Governments hate it. Currently Cyberspace is the medium with many misconceptions and incorrect information coupled with new fears and revolutionary ideas. It is the medium that will bring us to the 21st. Century.

no constrained by our looks or preconcieved ideas about our culture, race, or gender. The net has no rules to govern it. It leaves that up to the individual user. The user has access to almost everything in the industrial world. We can exchange information quickly and easily on a global scale. The internet mirrors what goes on

The internet was built by three main groups. The milatry officers, the educational community and hackers. The internet you know today was built today...