Internet Domination in Presidential Election!

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Where are Americans, consisting of almost a quarter of the population, turning everyday to get their information regarding the candidates running in the 2008 presidential election? Indisputably, the answer is technology, in particular, the Internet, which "has become an ubiquitous tool for people who want to learn about anything from what movies are showing to what the candidates are saying"(Noyes, 1). The effect of the technological media provides fast and in depth analysis about all the issues taking place in the election to anyone with Internet access. Thus the Internet is changing the media landscape by allowing people to access more information, which is not solely possible by listening to the radio on the way to work or watching "The World News with Charles Gibson" for half an hour everyday. Millions of people cannot last a single day without getting online; therefore, it is no surprise that the Internet is a major platform for the 2008 election.

It has become the new media for marketing. Its proliferation allows people to learn about everything they need to know, as well as provide the candidates an additional resource to influence their supporters.

Influenced by the Internet, many people surf the web daily to decide on which candidate is best suited in leading the most dominant nation of the world. Due to this fact, the 2008 election has been nick named "The Internet Election," because Internet usage in occurrence to online polls, blogs, and social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, have an enormous affect in the way American politics are conducted. Indicated by recent studies, the 2008 election is greatly influencing a new generation of voters, the younger people. Spurred into action by 9/11, terrorist attacks and the war in Iraq, youths aged 18 to 24 dramatically accelerated their participation in...