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In today's society, quick access to information is a vital commodity for the success of any corporation. Many corporations are now implementing computerized information systems to have fast and easy access to all prioritize information. The Internet provides corporations with a broad range of information, while the Intranet provides corporations specialized security that protects the entire network of the organization. In the past, the Intranet was an information system used for sharing policies, procedures, and forms. Today, with the mainstream of the Internet, the Intranet has evolved into a collaborative medium that provides employee's quick, comprehensive access to virtually all information pertaining to the organization. The purpose of this paper is to define the intranet, purpose, benefits, and examples of organization use.

The Intranet is similar to the Internet and shares the same concepts and technologies such as: client-server computing and Internet protocol suite such as: HTTP for web services, SMTP for e-mail, and FTP for file transfer.

The Internet and Intranet are similar, but have one exclusive difference; the Intranet is a private network. The Intranet is defined as "an interconnected network, usually one that uses the TCP/IP protocol set, and does not extend beyond the organization that created it" (Schneider, 2004). The Intranet can be best described as a private version of the Internet, confined to only the creating organization.

The purpose of the Intranet is to allow an organization the ability to store and retrieve data, provide customer relationship management and project management tools, applications, corporate directories, video conferencing, and communication to name a few, all within a private network. The private network connects each facility of the organization, and their employee providing instant access to organizational information. In the past, a disadvantage was that only on-site employees could access the Intranet but today, employees can now...