Internet - How the Internet has fundamentally changed our society.

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Internet"How the Internet has fundamentally changed our society."The Internet is indeed the "superhighway" of communication in our modern world. Many types of people such as workers, families and criminals travel our nation's interstates. These various types of people are also found on our "superhighway" of communication. Originally the Internet was an innovation to improve communication in our society and world. We will discuss the pros and the unexpected cons of this new innovation. As our course text points out on page 30, the Internet has had desirable and undesirable consequences and direct and indirect consequences. Many users of this innovation have re-invented it for unexpected uses. Certainly this new tool of communication has fundamentally changed our society When did the Internet take hold of society? The answer is as different as our society is diverse. For some it happened at school while researching for a paper. For others it happened at work when a new "communication tool" was being introduced throughout the organization.

And still for others it happened through their own curiosity - just exploring a new toy. Whether it happened quickly or slowly - with little exception - it has happened. The Internet has changed the way we work, function as a family, communicate, date, shop, seek or share information and the process in which we gain knowledge. This innovation has afforded society many benefits, as well as created some challenges. Throughout this paper, we will discuss both and how the Internet has fundamentally changed our society.Impacts on Work - For most adults, the Internet invaded their lives at work. Organizations found it necessary to adopt this "Information Tool" in order to move at the new speed of business. Creating a new medium for communicating across multiple departments, offices and locations. Paper became a thing...