Internet Inventions, essay explaining the benefits and downfalls of Internet access

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Several inventions have changed the way people communicate with each other. From the old

fashioned telegraph to today's modern electronic forms of communicating, people have

beencreating easier ways to correspond. Electronic communicati on, such as e-mail and other

internet offerings, have created a cheap and incredibly fast communications system which is

gaining steady popularity.

E-mail is basically information, usually in letter form,addressed to a destination on the interne t.

The internet is aninternational web of interconnected networks--in essence, anetwork of

networks; these consist of government, education, and business networks. Software on these

networks between the source and destination networks 'read' the addre sses on packets and

forward them toward their destinations. E-mail is a very fas t and efficient way of sending

information to any internet location. Once an e-mail is sent, it arrives at its destinatio n almost

instantly. This provides people with a way to communicate with people anywhere in the world

quickly without the costs of other forms of communicating such as telephone cal ls or postage for

letters. The savings to be gained from e-mail were enough of an inducement for many

businesses to invest heavily in equipment and network connections in the early 1990s. The

employees of a large corporation may send hundreds of thousands of pieces of E-mail over the

Internet every month, thereby cutting back on postal and telepho ne costs. It is not uncommon to

find internet providers from twenty to thirty dollars a month for unlimited access to internet

features. Many online services such as America Online and Prodigy offer e-mail software and

internet connections which work i n an almost identical way, however, the cost is more expensive.

The World Wide Web (WWW) and USENET Newsgroups are amongother internet offerings

which have changed the way people communicate with each other.