Internet, its effects in our lives and the future of the Internet:

Essay by evanslim October 2004

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In the past ten years, we have become a society that depends on the computer so much so that to some, it is inevitable to live without them. Our dependence on the machine somehow voice down to our ability to move great amounts of information across huge distances quickly. The introductions of computers have affected everyone's life and businesses in various ways. Like all new technologies, there are advantages and disadvantages attached to it. Any major change has its pros and cons. Change is something that should be embraced. It pushes society to grow and improve. If society is open-minded about new technology, it will be able to minimize negative side-effects, and utilize technology most effectively.



People in the world are depending on the internet to help them in their business, be it those who have their own little business with their own computer to big corporations and businesses who have a whole network of computers.

they are all tapping to this powerful tool. Many businesses and corporations have become very dependant on the internet, using it to send and receive data from simple word message to complicated pictures or animated clips, it can be done effortlessly. It is understandable why the Internet is quickly becoming the corporate communications means. Using the mouse on your computer, the familiar point-and-click functionality gives you access to electronic mail for sending and receiving data, and file transfer for copying files from one computer to another. Telnet services allow you to set up connections with systems on the other side of the world as if they were just next door. Perhaps most importantly, the Internet offers a new way of doing business. A virtual market-place where customers can, at the push of a button, selects goods, place an order and pay using...