The Internet: Living in the virtual world

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The Internet: Living in the virtual world

Have you seen movies like Avatar, The Matrix or Inception? The main characters are playing another role in a virtual world. The virtual world is so wonderful that they all don't want to go back to real life, what's more, they can't tell which one is real in the end. The Internet is the most important invention in the 20th century. And it really helps bring a large improvement in our lives. And it is still enlarging at a speed you can't imagine. It is used by everyone: from companies and institutions to one's personal life, and you can do almost anything on it. It really becomes a world, so movie scenes like the ones from Avatar or The Matrix come true. We are living in two worlds in the future; one is real and the other is a virtual one created by the Internet.

Since the smart phone was invented, it's easier to be connected by Internet. You can chat with friends everywhere and post your status immediately, and share what you see and what you feel at any time to the world within a second. Bunches of apps like Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. There are too many ways that you can choose how you want to be connected. It has decreased the distance between people. You can have video calls with families miles away. And you can know the latest news all over the world. In my situation, my hometown is thousands of miles away from here. But I still can keep in touch with them and it costs nothing. It really helps me a lot.

But there are always two sides to everything. There are also many disadvantages in this virtual world.