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When finds themselves on the Internet, they must realize that become a target market. There are marketers who can pinpoint your actions throughout the web. Just as easily you are able to find what you want on the Internet, the Internet is able personalize to you. The way that they do this is through the advertising banners that pop up every time you visit a site. If you have been on the Internet you have seen an advertisement banner. This is how websites make their money. Companies pay frequently visited websites post their advertisements so all you have to do is click on the advertisement and it automatically takes you there. The question that I propose is: Does Internet advertisement have any influence on the user? The website that I went to which is a site that I visit quite often. The advertisement banner initially popped up was an advertisement for Columbia House DVD and music club.

The reason that this advertisement showed is because I often visit sites that relate to the music and movie industry. That shows how detailed technology can be. There are marketers that are on the Internet that are able to track your steps on the net and know what types of sites that you visit so they customize the advertisements according to you. The advetisement banner changed after I clicked on the first one. This one was a credit card offer. I spent about a month looking for credit cards on the net, so I frequently see those.

If I were to pose a question regarding the effectiveness of these advertisements, it would be like a scale. For example, a question could be "Do you feel that the advertisement banners on websites encourage you to open them? 1 strongly agree all...