The internet as a means of learning

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The internet as a means of learning

For millions of us around the world, the internet is nothing but a plaything. A tool of entertainment. It is a portal from the world of reality into the vortex of cyberspace. However the concept of internet has evolved since it was first created. Then it was nothing but a few hundred computers around the world linked to one network which enabled rapid communication between them. Now it is one of the most important business tools in the world. Goods and cash worth trillions of US dollars are traded daily over the internet. Whatever you do whether big or small, you learn something from it. Today's modernized version of the internet is not only a toy to entertain those who are bored; it has moved on to become one of the most important tools of gaining knowledge about the world.

One of the most important uses of the internet in the new millennium is its use in research. Don't know the meaning of a word in you textbook or a new phrase you heard, go onto the internet and find out what it means. It has become as simple as learning A B C. The internet has grown so popular in the last decade that teachers have started using it in school to support the traditional style of teaching from books. Research done on the internet allows us access to the newest information and up-to-date developments in any field possible. It enables us to keep in touch with the latest happenings all around the world within minutes or hours of its occurrence. Powerful search engines like Google and Yahoo enable us to look for a single word or phrase in its relevant context from millions of web-pages. The internet...