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"Internet Privacy"

HLW OAC - ISU Rough Draft

Do you use your credit card on the Internet to buy certain items? Do use the Internet to pay your bills? or do you use the Internet to e-mail important loved ones? Regardless of how you use the Internet, the use of personal computers and the Internet have evidently grown rapidly; by early 2001, more than one in two Canadians were using the Internet (Illegal and Offensive, pg. 1) The computer has given people a greater efficiency to collect, sort, and distribute their personal information (Privacy & Security, pg. 101) But with the vast amounts of information stored on people's computers, the invasion of privacy is of great concern. In legal terms, "privacy" means the right to be left alone. In today's information age, with the advancement of the computer and the Internet, it means the right to control who knows what about our lives (http://www.media-awareness.ca).

The Internet is like an invisible playground for criminals; for example, some Internet sites can gain people's e-mail address or personal information without any authorization; this is very concerning because when personal information, such as credit card numbers, are exposed on the Internet, hackers or criminals will eventually commit criminal offences such as credit fraud. The Government has made certain attempts to ensure privacy on the Internet, such as the implementation of Bill C-54; but since there is an increase concern of Internet privacy, they still need to continue to thrive for better policies and educate people about their privacy rights within an information age that is still in it's beginning stages to a safer and intrusion-free Internet

Ever since the introduction of computers and the Internet, there are now several ways hackers or criminals can obtain personal information from people; the most common...