Internet Privacy: Is it right for the government to view or emails?

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During the past decade, our society has become

based solely on the ability to move large amounts

of information across large distances quickly.

Computerization has influenced everyone's life.

The natural evolution of computers and this need

for ultra-fast communications has caused a global

network of interconnected computers to develop.

This global net allows a person to send E-mail

across the world in mere fractions of a second and

enables to access information worldwide. Software

that allows users with a sound card to use the

Internet as a carrier for long distance voice calls

and video conferencing is the key to the future of

our society. Our democratic government sensing the

growing power of the Internet that is not so easy

to control is doing all it can to get on the top of

the wild horse. The government is dreaming to have

the control: to view all the information

circulating the web, to read our private e-mails,

to peek into chat rooms, and to restrict us, the

Internet people, in any way possible.


government wishes to be the next big brother who

will be watching you! No matter how small, any

attempt at government intervention in the Internet

will stifle the greatest communication innovation

of this century. At present, the web is the epitome

of the first amendment of the constitution: free

speech and right to privacy. Every American values

freedom of the speech and their privacy as some-

thing essential. "Freedom of speech is one of our

most precious rights" (Ferry 356). The key to the

worldwide success of the Internet is that it does

not limit its users. The web is a place where

people can speak their mind without being

reprimanded for what they say, or how they choose

to say it. Jim Exon, a...