Internet Privacy. How secure are you really when you're browsing the internet?

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Internet Privacy Issues

Andrew Bucklin

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April 4, 2007



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What types of issues do people run into when browsing the internet? Well, people need to be aware of certain things in order to browse the internet safely and securely. There are many issues of privacy when surfing the internet. There are many ways that companies can track internet users, thus invading their privacy. There are also people out there, commonly known as hackers who can do the same thing, but in malicious ways. Hackers try to steal a user's personal and private information. This can lead to many types of fraud and identity theft.

People need to be aware of these issues and need to be informed on how to safely use the internet. There are many pieces of software that can be put on a computer that will clean it at certain time periods, to purge of any files that contain personal information. There are also anti-spyware programs that will find any programs on a user's computer that may be tracking what they do and get rid of them. To thwart the more malicious hackers, there are computer security programs such as anti-virus and firewalls. These will help protect user's computer from a hacker invasion. Finally, the last way that users can protect themselves when on the internet is to use common sense. Many people will fall for traps on the internet and will easily give up personal and private information, such as social security numbers and credit card numbers, voluntarily...