Internet Reaction

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Internet Reaction

There are many advantages and disadvantages for libraries and the web. While libraries are well organized, the web is not. If you are not well known to the internet and its search engines certain data remains hidden. With a library a catalogue of everything in the library exists, so anyone can find anything available at a library. Also, the resources of a library have been selected by trained professionals and are reliable, were as anyone can publish a web page. You can not be certain if the information you are reading is correct or if it is just someone's opinion, it is not always reliable. If you need someone to help you find what you need or interpret difficult concepts, libraries have librarians there to help you, web pages do not. Certain websites often "disappear", books however do not, libraries keep and preserve materials.

The disadvantages though is libraries are only open certain hours, the web is available all day.

You don't have to return items to a website, when "checking out" items from the library they must also be returned in a certain amount of time, in good condition. If you are familiar with the web and its search engines the web becomes an extremely large library with information that may not be available at the local library, with the web you can access latest information that a library may not have yet. Also, no one can "check out" the information needed, it's available with just a click of a button. You would not have to carry large amounts of books around or make numerous copies of pages, which can be costly and time consuming, especially if you get the material home and it isn't what you thought you needed. With the web you can...