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The original work

Abstract: The development of power electronic devices implements the use of FACTS (Flexible alternating current transmission system) devices they are widely used for improving power quality and reactive power compensation of high voltage ac transmission lines. Switching frequency is restricted to line frequency (since the reactive power is injected into existing power system).This paper focuses on reducing harmonics for better output. There are several power conditioners, which by themselves contribute to power degradation due to switching of the power semiconductor devices and harmonic effects generated in the converters. Thu, filters are used to reduce the harmonics but are of low efficient way. FACTS controllers are widely used to improve not only the power quality, but also provide dynamic control of the power transfer parameters of transmission voltage, line impedance and phase angle for improving stability.. In this study, two levels and three level VSI based STATCOM are connected to the ac distribution [1] system is proposed using.

MATLAB / Sim power system (SPS) toolbox and the results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

The work after changing

Abstract: Today for improving the power electronics by the use of FACTS (flexible alternating current transmission system) that widely used to improve the quality of the power and other components especially in high voltage in the line transmission. Switching frequency is restricted to line frequency since the reflexive power is injected into available power system. The proposed work made an attempt to better realize decreasing harmonics for having better output. Generally, there are different power conditioners, which chipped in to the power decadence because of switching the power semiconductor systems effect generated in the convertor. Therefore, filters are used to decrease the harmonics but this is always unsufficient way. FACTS controllers are...