Internet Rulings, Law and Regulations

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The use of internet has necessitated the development of rules and regulations to guard its abuse. The ease of exchange of information over the internet has been deemed a game changer in the 21st century. Billing information, medical records, social media communication and other personal details can be collected by various agencies at the click of the button. FBI can use the information for general surveillance and provision of security while hackers can utilize such information to advance their motives and cause immeasurable damage. It is the culmination of such issues that have prompted the development of rules and regulations to guard the privacy of individuals.

Thesis statement: Internet has offered seamless connectivity to all the dimensions of man's interactions in the age of information revolution, but this information access needs to be managed to safeguard the privacy of users. Among the regulations developed for that purpose include:

Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act

OCCILA is a federal law that protects Online Service Providers and internet intermediaries from potential liabilities from the infringement of others.

The law exempts internet intermediaries and OSPs from copyright infringement liabilities to balance competing effects of copyright owners and digital users. The law shields OSP storing infringing materials from copyright liabilities. The law also bares OSPs from receiving financial benefits resultant from the infringing activity. For OSPs to be exempted from the liabilities, they should not be aware of the presence of material or any incidences or facts that make the infringing material apparent. OSP's are required to act expeditiously upon knowledge of the material to remove it from their possession. The law expressly protects internet providers from the actions of the users. For Online Service Providers to be exempted from liabilities, they should act when notified of the infringement either through a written notification...