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Internet SecurityThe Internet is a global, publicly accessible hub of millions of interconnected networks forming the backbone of the information superhighway. However, this interconnection creates a gateway of vulnerability for security breaches and is the crux of the Internet's dark side. Exposing a business to the outside world increases the opportunity for security breaches. Internet security must be addressed as part of the overall security policy. The level of security required for Internet exploitation should not be left to the IT Manager to retro-fit after the business strategy has been defined. Internet security must be an inherent part of the overall business plan.

Internet Security RamificationsBefore the Internet, information was distributed between local area network workstations sharing a common communications line. Connected workstations shared the application and data resources of a server within a small geographic area (e.g., an office building). Only those workstations sharing the common communications line could access the server.

Introducing the Internet exposes the server to millions of networks and users, many with less than honorable intentions. Just as Internet use has continued to increase, so too have attacks launched through the Internet.

The Internet has opened the door for malicious attacks to be unleashed on any computer connected to it. Viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, spyware, and a host of other destructive software can attack Internet-connected computers on a regular basis and cause widespread harm. Without implementing security precautions, Internet attacks can go unnoticed. There appears to be no end in sight for such attacks.

Early Internet deployment treated security as a low priority. Many of the problems that plague e-mail on the Internet today are the result of this early lack of security. Early computing approaches relied on security that was built into the physical environment of the data center that housed the...