Internet Writing - How to keep one's attention using the internet as the medium.

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The problem presented in today's Internet is how to maintain the audiences' attention long enough for them to receive our message. According to Jakob Nielsen, we will solve this problem by writing concise text, write skimmable text, write objectives and clear text, and write with design in mind. We will now prove his theory to be true. After researching several websites over the holidays, I have found one that I believe was built on these principles. The target audience and the complexity of the information, that this site provides, they prove that even when passing complex information on the web you can reach the masses and be effective through this medium.

The web site I have selected is Entrepreneur. Com. I have been through this entire site and have found it most interesting. It encompasses a large variety of business opportunities and information on how to run your own business.

Business people as a whole are involved with and run their lives in time management, efficiency, and they do not like to waste time. So the question is how to build a web site that appeals to these people.

The writing on this site is very clear and to the point. This follows the guidelines set out by Jakob Nielsen. Writing concise text is of paramount importance when communicating with business people. The web site has accomplished this in fine fashion. This site has very few adjectives and wasted words. It is formatted in a reverse pyramid style to put the most important facts first. Here is an example of some of the writing on the site: What stage are you in, How to create a marketing plan, Anticipating growth, Small business and Relief act on hold are just some of the headings that this web page uses...