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Topic: Vagueness

Vagueness ( F du Plooy-Cilliers and M Louw) includes sub headings such as Illogical flow, ambiguity and the use of abstract language. In my own thought vagueness is viewed as a form of miscommunication when one has a flaw in their argument or is looking for a deliberate way to avoid answering certain questions and in a non-deliberate way when one uses ambiguity to say something which could be misinterpreted by the receiver of the message. "More VL, and particular forms of VL (e.g. I think, some, or something), were used in the asylum seeker discourse. As the level of topical sensitivity increases, the level of vagueness in talk-in-interactions also increases: that is, the level of sensitivity, VL frequency, and specific VL items are positively related. Showing how participants use VL in responding to different degrees of sensitivity(Zhang Grace, 2013)."

Abstract language is yet another form of vagueness and is not an easily understood manor of communication as the message could mean anything and is usually completely misinterpreted by the receiver as the sender could have a more personal connotation to the sentence than what the receiver will understand. In this essay I will discuss the three forms of vagueness by giving my own thoughts and opinions and supporting them with examples, opinions and critically thought out conclusions by providing a solution for the given problem.[1: Du Plooy- Cilliers, F., Louw, M., 2011. Lets talk about interpersonal communication. Sandton, South Africa : Heinemann][2: Authors:Zhang, GraceSource:Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (John Benjamins Publishing Co.). 2013, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p87-118. 32p.Document Type:Article]

Illogical Flow

Vagueness is most commonly utilised both deliberately and non-deliberately in arguments when the meaning in the message is not clearly conveyed and decoded by...