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Topic: Technology & Interpersonal Communication

Statically, in the United States, if your income is over $75,000USD, you are white and college educated your household will be wired (Walker, 1997). Internet usage, which is only ten years old, is growing from the high end of the socioeconomic scale and slowly filtering down to the low end. (Walker-Barnes, 2001). Is America wired for everyone? What about the 79% of the population who are making less than this amount, how are they connected?

What does wired mean? For the purposes of this paper, 'wired' and technology will refer to using a computer connected to the Internet.

There are, however, many devices that can be linked to the Internet, PDA's, cell phones, kitchen appliances, etc.

In America, technology related activities are classified in society as two distinct groups - individuals who have access to computer and those who do not (Walker, 1997). Children who were eligible for subsided lunches in 88 percent of our nation's schools had an extremely low rate of access to the Internet. Approximately 11 percent of these children were able to access the net. (Hecht, 2001). There is also a difference among racial categories Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics and Pacific Islanders. With minority groups, access and use of the Internet is proven to be related to one's income and education (Cronin, 2002).

Hamilton (1998) reported that 82 percent of public schools were wired to the...