Interpretation of 'The Door,' Miroslav Holub

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Interpretaion of 'The Door,'

Miroslav Holub

Change. Such a simple word, yet so hard to define. The word itself perhaps prevents it from being defined because every person sees change as a different thing, so therefore there are probably around 6 billion definitions of change in the world.

Personally, I see change as being something different from the ordinary, something new. Change can be something as small as having a Nutella sandwich instead of a Vegemite one, or as significant as a war breaking out. The effects of change can go both unnoticed and easily seen. The most significant thing about change is that it is unstoppable. No one can escape it, prevent it, live without it or go a day without experiencing it. We change every day, every hour, every minute, every second, because every moment of life brings about a new change. The change continues, because it effects who you are inside, to a degree that it makes you unique.

It helps us progress, not only as an individual, but as a whole. If there were no change, humankind would be trapped in one split second of time for eternity. Change is everything, change is survival.

Each person has their own perception of what change is, and this in turn develops over time. When I was five, 'change' was going to big school, and being without mummy for an entire day. In year 6, 'change' was being school captain, and being in charge. This Year, I'm a senior - something different from the ordinary - in five years time, I will be finished University, ten years time, getting married, twenty years time, sending my own child off to big school without mummy. Crying just like my mother did when she experienced that particular change because even though change...