An interpretation of "The lesson" by Maya Angelou

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(My Interpretation)

"The Lesson" is a very poignant story. I believe that the most important idea that the author is trying to convey was the fact that money was not an issue for Sylvia. Sylvia is a little girl that has a lot of pride. She doesn't really understand how poor she is. She thought that white people were crazy and that they like to show off. She also resented the fact that Miss Moore was showing them things they couldn't obtain.

Sylvia portrays the message that she has a lot of pride when she is left with Miss Moore's four dollars at the end of the story. She thinks that she is on top of the world. She also believes that Miss Moore isn't trying to help them. Miss Moore makes references to poor people living in slums and Sylvia doesn't realize that she is referring to her and the other kids in the group.

This story tells about a trip on a hot, summer day that Sylvia and a group of children go on into the city with Miss Moore. Sylvia sees people with stockings on and even one lady in fur coat. This sight just confirms her beliefs that white people are crazy. They visit a toy store and see all these toys that she feels aren't worth what they are priced for. She thinks about what her mother would say if she had asked for one of those high priced toys. She also considers all the other things that same money could buy.

In my opinion, Sylvia resents Miss Moore for showing the children things that they can't obtain. Miss Moore takes them to a very expensive toy store that in no way any of them buy anything. I believe that Miss Moore is...