Interpretations Of Faith With Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In Nathaniel Hawthorne'sYoung Goodman Brown the story takes place in Salem Village which is known for witches. In this story they mention the word faith. This word has different meanings. The word "faith" means a believing without proof; trust. In the story, Young Goodman Brown had faith but it was slipping away. He falls asleep and dreams about the witches that are in the woods. He's amazed at what he sees when all of a sudden he couldn't believe his eyes. He saw his beautiful wife Faith with the witches. It was at this point when he started to lose faith. He felt betrayed and disappointed.

The other faith is his wife Faith. She is a young pretty and somewhat vulnerable person. She didn't want Brown to go away but he promises he will be back real soon. She also begins to lose faith in her husband because she felt insecure whenever he would go away.

Young Goodman Brown died sadly but he never felt the same way with Faith and he once did. He lost his wife Faith as well as faith in his wife.

Faith is a special thing when you believe in it. Faith can be strong, as well as it can be weak. I've learned from experience that you should believe in faith because it can really tear you apart. If you don't have faith you won't go no where in life and might eventually die a lonely person with no family or friends. Faith is something that can teach you and make you learn alot of things. You should always have faith.