Interpretations of the Mind I attempted to merge my discussion of Carver's story and Holland's essay. I tried to show the reader how I agree with Holland and Carver's discussion.

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At times humans are helpless. In many occasions, it does not matter how strong or how important we are, we feel weak, and vulnerable. When we are sick, depressed, or lonely we are helpless.

In Raymond Carver's story, there are a number of things, which point to the story talking about death and life, the following quote illustrates this:

"Slugs" and "I just gave them a dose of this," he said

raising a can of something that looked like Ajax.

"They're taking over" (34)

In the story, Sam points to the earthworms, taking a can of Ajax to kill them. I think that the slugs represent human beings. Helpless. Many times without a way out. In addition, the Ajax represents the different kinds of diseases, which humans encounter. The last line when Sam talks about the earthworms taking over, to me refers to humans. It tells or shows me how humans move into an area, and they take over everything, consuming all resources, and moving into a new area.

Carver's story is about life. It is about people, and about the simplest things that people worry about in life. Briefly, the story talks about things, which are not important. However, we tend to worry about them. An example of this is the following quote from Carver's essay:

"Cliffs breathing was awful to listen to. His mouth gaped open and his arms hugged his pale chest. He was taking up his side of the bed and most of mine," (32)

In the story both Nancy and Sam were not able to sleep. They were worried about the simple and insignificant things of life. Nancy was thinking about the sounds of the night, her husbands breathing, and his body position while sleeping, this was a worry for Nancy. On one side...