Interrigation Tactics Used By The U.S.

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Since 9/11 Americans have feared another terrorist attack. Our government is going to new measures to acquire any new information they can about what terrorists are planning. American interrogators are now using new tactics to get information out of captured terrorists. The methods of interrogation are being called SERE tactics after the SERE organization which was originally established to train soldiers to endure such interrogation. Some of these tactics are not what many people would call humane so the country is split on whether or not we should continue to use them. I support the SERE tactics because according to the article "Doing Unto Others as They Did Unto Us," by M. Gregg Bloche and Jonathan H. Marks are much more effective than our ordinary means of interrogation. With the information that we gain we may be able to save millions of lives and lessen if not eliminate terrorism.

Criminals have become much smarter than most people think.

They already know most of our interrogation methods so there is little chance that they will work. The SERE tactics offer a solution to this problem. They offer a method of interrogation where is does not matter if you know about it, it will have the same effects. The SERE tactics may be the only way we can protect our country.

Some people oppose the SERE tactics because they think they are inhumane but they have not taken into mind, what is more important, the suffering of one terrorist or the lives of millions of people. With the information that we gain from this one person we may be able to prevent an attack targeted at millions.

Furthermore, with the information that we gain we may be able to capture terrorist witch will lead us to the capture of even more terrorists.