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BenchmarkingAccording to Kreitner & Kinicki Ch. 18 (2005). "an open system depends on constant interaction with the environment for survival." The ever changing financial climate after the September 11th, 2001, led Intersect Investments to implement their new vision of customer intimacy to survive. Intersect management is facing with issues of resistance and poor communications. In this paper, we will briefly examine other companies that faced similar issues as Intersect investments.

AT&T and SBC MergerTelecommunication firms are finding themselves in constant turmoil trying to stay competitive in an unpredictable environment of abundance competition and growing new technologies. Such is the case with SBC, a telecommunications company based in Missouri.

SBC's technology was outdated and SBC wanted to adopt new technologies and venture into new markets to survive. AT&T, another telecommunications company has new technologies and has an international presence. SBC work culture is family oriented while AT&T's culture revolved around being competitive and lay-offs with unhappy employees.

When SBC and AT&T merged on January 31st, 2005, the new AT&T, also inherited the dual problems of AT&T's employee dissatisfaction and SBC's outdated technologies. After the merger, the environment became more volatile and the employees perceived that their jobs were at stake and thus the morale fell further. In his textbook Management 6th edition, Richard L. Draft defines organizational change as "the adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization."Change ModelThe new AT&T's objectives are to keep employees happy, to adopt new technologies, and spread to other markets. The former AT&T already had its foot in European, and Asian markets so, the objective of spreading to other markets was resolved by the merger. However, the two biggest challenges that the new AT&T faced were bringing in the new technologies and keeping the employees happy.

Before AT&T could bring in new technologies,