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Problem Solution: Intersect Investment

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Problem Solution: Intersect Investment

Intersect Investment is a financial services organization that has been struggling to compete in the financial industry. A transformation in the company's vision must be addressed to increase the customer base and improve relationships that will assist them in at least attaining number three in the industry. "Transformational change: The ability of and the process that leaders use to transform the very nature of an organization in order to help ensure its success in the marketplace," (University of Phoenix, 2010). Intersect Investment' revenue targets have fallen, employee turnover in the sales department is up 25%, and customer satisfaction is down 10%. Lyn Chen's ability to maintain a top industry rating in customer satisfaction and her ability to inspire and motivate sales teams has diminished and vocally opposes the change to a "customer intimacy" model.

"The concept of 360-degree feedback involves letting individuals compare their own perceived performance with behaviorally specific (and usually anonymous) performance information from their manager, subordinates, and peers," (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2003, p. 333). Because of the lack of clear communication, employee's motivation has been affected and they seem to have a problem in how the company's goals are to be implemented. "Research consistently has supported goal setting as a motivational technique. Setting performance goals increases individual, group, and organizational performance," (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2003, p. 308). Goals set by CEO Frank Jeffers are usually simple but not so easily achieved. It may seem simple to implement the goal of Jeffers' new vision of "customer intimacy" in 12 months, but the new Executive VP of Marketing and Sales, Janet Angelo believes that reaching this goal will be challenging.

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