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Play scene from war movie

Play last post

Deaths- 100's of Millions,

Cost - Billions,

Destruction - Incredible.

Removing an evil dictator threatening millions of innocents - priceless

There are something's that diplomacy can solve, for everything else there's war

War. Consider it good or bad, nobody can deny that it has been the catalyst for changes and advances around the world. From the great battle of Troy, to the unheard of scale of World War 2, war has been one of the most dramatic and life changing events that affect our world.

Good Afternoon My name is Tyson Harvey and it is my honour to be a speaker at the Annual War Intextuality Conference, in this booming metropolis of Boonah. It is at this conference where we can come together and discuss the different readings of war and how they are changing within society due to the many different texts that society can now access.

Wars have become one of the most discussed issues ever in world history. Is war a necessary evil, is it our patriotic duty to go to war, is war better than it is bad, should we never go to war at all. With so many readings available it is difficult at times to determine which reading should be or is the dominant one in society. Today I would like to present three readings of war which I think society can see are readily the most prominent in our world and lifestyle today. With so many people involved the different opinions and intertextual references flow like a river.

I believe that the dominant reading is that war is a necessary evil. The alternate is that war is more good and beneficial than it is bad and the oppositional reading is that war...