Intertextuality - "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Stupid White Men"

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The expository text "Stupid White Men" written by political satirist and comic genius Michael Moore exists primarily to expose the corruption and exploitation of American citizens by the government they 'voted' in. Moore is renowned for producing work which examines the American condition and this text is no exception. His books and documentaries are controversial, provocative and critical - often criticized by the media and those who fall victim at the hands of his fiery political rhetoric. Fahrenheit 9/11 however won an academy award, for being yet another work by Moore demonstrating his characteristic humour and commitment to revealing the truth. Although the conventions of expository text and documentary are somewhat different, it is still true to state that Moore employs the very similar techniques of irony and sarcasm in each text. Having already read and studied Stupid White Men prior to viewing Fahrenheit 9/11, I was able to better understand the way in which Moore constructs and displays the issues he artistically presents in his diverse line of work.

Because I'd had a taste of Moore's style of writing from the book, my viewing of the documentary was thus influenced and Moore's argument that the Presidency of George W. Bush has led America into one big mess of lies and paranoia - became that much clearer.

Chapter Five 'Idiot Nation' in Stupid White Men is a chapter in which Moore makes the statement that Americans are a bunch of idiots citizens being led by an even bigger bunch of idiots. He touches on the failed education system and the fact that corporate sponsorship is having damaging effects on students. Moore has included in the chapter some 'Important Dates in History' and a presidential 'Clip-n-Carry' listing the leaders of the 50 largest countries - but does he...