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I thought that this interview was a success. I have had an overview of what the engineering world is like. He had answered the questions I asked for the most part, but a couple of times he strayed from the subject. For example, I was asking him about the actual software and programming he had to use on the job. Instead, he gave me an explanation of what the company is focusing on the quality of the production of their cars. Little things like that didn't bother me so much. I still got what I wanted out of the interview. I was still happy with the way it went. He answered quite thoroughly and did not dance around the point too much. He was happy to answer all of my questions and did not seem to get annoyed with any follow-ups I had.

There were no distractions or interruptions. The whole time I was sure his phone was going to ring or his son was going to come down and interrupt us.

He was generous to give advice for when I graduate and go out into the real world. Now I know a little bit about what is expected of an engineer as far as college, training, and understanding goes. I was worried when the tape stopped in the interview. I thought each side was a half an hour long, but when it stopped fifteen minutes into the interview, I was a little surprised. I did not want to interrupt what he was saying, because I wanted to get everything he was saying. I did not want to leave any gaps in his response. Lucky for me, he was already finished.