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Choice: Writing poetry is one way for people to express their ideas and feelings. What

are some other ways? Which way works best for you? Why?

Some alternative ways of expressing one's ideas and feelings would be confiding to a friend or addressing a group of people in a public forum. Novel writing would be one of mediums too, just like publishing your opinions to a magazine, newspapers or school/work pamphlets. Keeping a journal or a diary would be the best if you don't want to share it with anyone.

The latter is the one that works best for me, writing a journal or diary. Most especially at the end of a very stressful day. I find the need to express my ideas and feelings to ease the pain that I might be suffering or confused from. Writing my thoughts down somehow eases the pain or struggle. The way I communicate sensitive topics with my husband is through writing also.

I find it more effective in this manner. I get to be straight and direct to the point and all my ideas flow in the same direction. I write him a letter to tell him what's bothering me and my ideas how to resolve the problem. I find this more effective compared to verbally communicating with him because what usually tends to happen is the topic would be branching out to other subtopics and the main point disappears or buried with other things and we end up not resolving our issues or differences.

As soon as I'm finished writing to him, I give it to him and he has a choice either to respond or otherwise just ignore it. Of course, I prefer for him to do the first or to just acknowledge that he got the meaning or...