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What do you suppose has changed the most for you since 9/11?

Public's opinion about Muslims has changed from peaceful to terrorist. Which I don't think is fair. One brother should not have to suffer if the other one has made a mistake.

What are some long term effects on our society?

Hatred for Muslims in most of the American's heart has increased after September 11.

What new questions/problems have arisen from the aftermath of 9/11?

One of the biggest problems that have grown after September 11 is that, everyone feels insecure and fear has taken over our mind. Many New Yorkers still feel unsafe.

As we learn to participate in history, are we able to shape it?

Yes, we can try to treat everyone equal, and leave discrimination and prejudice behind.

How can you shape history?

By not making the same mistakes that Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other extremist made and created hatred for each other in people's heart.

Does history shape you?

Yes, history affects us by not making the same mistakes which have been made in the past.

Is it possible that 9/11 is a historical event that might shape a portion of your life?

September 11 didn't really have an effect on me but it had a lot of effect on the Muslim community. After the September 11, girls who use to wear veils all the time, all of a sudden it became a problem.

Do we always have control over the force that shapes us? Do we recognize these forces for what they are? Do others?

No, we don't have the control over the force that shapes us. Even if we do recognize these forces, we decide not to care or may be we are to busy to be thinking about this.

What is one thing you want future student to remember about 9/11?

I want the future kids to know, that never forget this day. Keep this day and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts. I also want them to know that not to blame the whole community just because some of the members decided to be extremists.

What is one thing that stood out for him (Matt Damon) taking this course?

One thing that stood out was how this course brought everyone together. According to him this course thought kids to fight tolerance and participate responsibly in the world.