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Interview Report The interview was done to Scott Lo an 18 years old man, a son of Chinese immigrants, born in Norwich, NorfolkEngland. The population of this place is predominantly white, working class area.

The main reason for choosing Scott, lies on principally because he belongs to the first generation of this family who was born in England, in a place in which English traditions and customs are stronger than other places where the population is more mixed, so he experienced during his childhood a duality of life, for one side, the one that come from his Chinese origins and the other from his Anglo-surroundings.

This interview was focused in the research of his national identity conflict that surge as a result of the mixture and duality of cultures that has surrounded him since his birth. With this I'm attempting to understand the feeling and confusion of identity that a big part of the population of the United Kingdom confront as a result of a constant immigration that have been occurred from long time ago.

In order to address the information that was required, the interview followed a chronological sequence of Scott's life, focusing in his knowledge of his family immigration, his educational socialisation, I investigated the advantages and disadvantages of been born an English citizen.

In previous meetings, I explained to him what was the mail goal that I was trying to achieve by doing this interview, as well the procedure that was going to be followed. In these meetings we negotiated and established the limits of the questions. The interview was made in my room on Saturday afternoon, when the flat was really quite and peaceful. The questions were structured in order to allowed him to give long detailed answers, going from the general to...