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This interview will provide an insight into the beliefs and foundations that has shaped the interviewee into the educator she is today. Her philosophy of education revealed how she feels about education. Just as an existentialist believes that all students should have some input in what they learn she also affirms that belief. Being a special education teacher behaviorism theory is crucial for students being successful in learning. The importance of diversity and multicultural in education aligns with her view points on critical theory. The interviewee has been an educator for 10 years. Before changing careers she worked in the legal field. During her 10 year span she has acquired knowledge in educational topics that truly amazes me. During this interview process I discovered that the interviewee has genuine love for education and for all students to be successful in their educational endeavors.


Interviewee Context

This interview was conducted with Angela (AJ)*, who is the oldest of two sisters on her mother's side and the oldest of one sister and two brothers on her father's side. AJ's mother had a scholarship to attend business school in when she graduated from high school in 1959. Because she was pregnant with AJ, she elected not to attend business school. AJ's father had an athletic scholarship to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) to play football. He attended FAMU and played football until he was injured with a knee injury that sidelined his football career. Her father did graduate with a B.A. Degree in Education. He later acquired his Master's Degree in Leadership. He taught middle school in Florida for 30 plus years teaching at the same middle school for 20 of those years. AJ had an opportunity...