Interview with Arthur Dent (This is a play based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)

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There needs to be two chairs set up at front and maybe a table for drinks and have drinks. Periodically, both the host and Dent take drinks.

Host: We're here with Arthur Dent today. He is one of the two last humans from Earth and was at Earth at the last second it was destroyed by the Vogons. He escaped with Ford Prefect's help and they ended up in the Vogon ship. They were then shot out into outer space and then rescued by the spaceship Heart of Gold which he is still traveling in today. He is here to answer some well anticipated questions. Now, say welcome to Arthur Dent.

Arthur Dent comes out and waves to the crowd (classmates). While Arthur Dent comes out, have crowd applause and scream.

Arthur Dent: Hey! Thank you. Thank you. (It's a thank you for the applause.)

Host: Welcome.

Welcome to the show.

Arthur Dent: Thank you. I am glad to be here. I love coming out talking about my past.

Host: Good. Ok. You want to get to the questions because we only have a limited time.

Arthur Dent: Yes. Please do go on.

Host: Ok. The first question is: How did you feel when Earth was destroyed? What was going through your mind?

Arthur Dent: What do you think how I felt?! I was in complete and utter devastation. I lost a lot of well known people and lost family. I had deep, sad feelings for all those people who died. After it all sank into my head, I was thinking numerous things. I was wondering if I was going to die in the near future. All my knowledge and belief of life was shattered. I was in a complete state of shock.

Host: Wow! Good Answer. I would never have known how it would be like if that incident happened to me. You have touched me in a meaningful way.

Arthur Dent: Thanks. I'm glad to have someone say that.

Host: You're welcome. Let's move on to the next question shall we. Ok, ummm was it surprising to you that you were rescued while gliding through space? What were you thinking during that time?

Arthur Dent: Of course I was! I didn't know at the time, but the probability of it was two to the power of two hundred and seventy-six thousand, seven hundred and nine to one. I was dumbfounded when I found out that probability. I was definitely thinking that I was going to die. I didn't know where I was or what to do. All I did was to fear that I was doomed. This was such a close call. I was still not over Earth getting destroyed and all of a sudden I'm getting thrown out into space basically giving up the fact that I'm going to survive. I didn't think of a lot while I was gliding through space. I'm not like people who have their whole life flash in their mind before they die. I was trying to hold my breath much less to think on top of that. To sum it up, I was surprised and in relief by being saved.

Host: All I got to say is amazing! You have an interesting mind.

Arthur Dent: I think myself of that way. Thanks.

Host: Now, for the next question. What were your emotions when you found out that Earth was built by other life forms in the universe?

Arthur Dent: Oh man! I was pretty dumbfounded. I'm thinking that all my knowledge and belief of God vanished from my mind. I was surprised that other creatures created my home. The reaction to this was basically the same to the Earth being destroyed. This new information completely changed my knowledge: it was a complete end of all my knowledge from Earth and the complete start of my knowledge of the universe.

Host: Deep answering. I like that. You went through a lot of emotions during your first time of life in the universe. Well, I think we should get on with the show. What do you think of the people that you met on the Heart of Gold?

Arthur Dent: Well, by coincidence I knew all of the people on it except the robot if you count him as a person. Zaphod and Trillian are good people to travel with. Also, Trillian is the only other human from Earth so I can relate a little with her. Zaphod knows some of Earth since he's been there once for a party. He stole Trillian from me whom I was trying to make her fond of me. I was mad but got over it. The robot is always depressed so I really don't speak to it.

Host: What about Ford Prefect?

Arthur Dent: O, okay. I didn't meet him on the Heart of Gold so I didn't know if I had to talk about him. Ummm Fred is my best friend. He met me on Earth about six years ago. We were friends ever since. He saved me from the Earth's destruction also. I have deep gratitude for him.

Host: I see you can get along with a lot of people. That's good. Ok. Your next question is...Now that you've experienced life beyond Earth, what life is better?

Arthur Dent: Hmmm. All I got to say is I will never forget Earth. I grew up there. It was a lot simpler to live than to live in space. I was far safer on Earth than out here. But I live the adventures of outer space. There's so much to be learned about this universe that learning never stops. I like this life better from the so many things that I don't know yet. This life is filled with excitement.

Host: Arthur you're getting good at this answering thing. You have such a quick mind to speak long thoughts of yourself. I have a couple more questions here. The next one is... What's you impression of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Arthur Dent: I love this question. This guide is the most amazing book in the universe! It is really handy to me. I can look anything, and it will have something on it. I read it every day exploring the topics it has in it. It's very interesting on what the authors come up with. This guide really helps to explain a lot of history on whatever topic it may be. This book is a lifesaver!

Host: Wow! Arthur Dent is a big promulgator of this book. Well, as a today's special, the show is giving every crowd a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We are almost done with this interview. I have one more question for you and then if anyone wants to ask anymore questions you can. Is that good Arthur?

Arthur Dent: Ya. Sure. Sounds great to me.

Host: Good. Now many people ask themselves what is the purpose of life. What do you think is the purpose of life?

Arthur Dent: Tough question, but I thought about that question before. I know the story behind this computer that gave the ultimate answer of life and everything, but I think that's just not true. You can't get 42 as the answer to everything. So, I think the question isn't what the purpose of life is; it's what else is there other than life. Think about it. The answer is nothing. There is nothing other than life. If you think death is an answer, you're wrong. If you have a religion of some kind, there's some kind of life after death whether if it's eternal life in heaven or a second life after your first. Even if you don't have a religion, you are nothing when you die because you just lye down with no movement or breath. I have a justified answer. Now, I would love to see if anyone can come up with a better one.

Host: I think you have made history. You have just made the best answer to this question in all my life. Wow! You're pretty intelligent. This has been an excellent interview with you. I hope to have you on our show again.

Arthur Dent: I am very obliged. I just speak my mind. I would love coming back.

Host: Good. Now Arthur will take questions if anyone has any. We get the class to ask questions about the interview.

Host: (After questions) Looks like we're all done. Thanks for coming Arthur Dent. Let's give a big applause for him (The crowd applauses).