Interview b/w daughter and father

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From a Taxi Driver to a Business Man

Dad and I sat in his office at work on Sep. 20th, 2014 where I was going to interview him. His hair was graying as was his mustache. I thought to myself, is this my old man, is he really in his fifties now, man time sure does go by fast. There's a scar on his nose, from when they cut off half of his face to rebuild it earlier this year after his surgery. Every time I look at him I can't help but thank God a million times for his life and his health. My daddy, my best birthday present ever. My dad has a lot of scars, I call them his battle scars. This really long one on his neck as well. Half of his mouth is tooth less, his lips even thinner after the surgery. Ah daddy, why did you have to smoke.

My dad is a handsome man, well every daughter probably thinks that about there daddy, but I know mine is the most handsome. Then there are those red ray ban glasses he wears. I sure do love those glasses.

I start with my interview after observing him, he looked tired. "Hey dad?" I say in my usual cheerful tone. "Yes baby?" he replies like usual. I start my interview, asking him a million questions all at once, where he told me to calm down as we have plenty of time. "How did you go from being a taxi driver to an Entrepreneur?" He starts to laugh at my silly question, so I frown. "It was when Noor was born, after my surgery, that's when I decided it was time to give my kids the best life possible." My frown turns into a smile as I...